5 Mistakes You Should Avoid For A Good Skin

Beauty: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid For A Good Skin

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid For A Good Skin

Its unbelievable how we take our skin and especially our facial skin for granted. The best skincare involves many factors including lifestyle, environment, and the best skin care products.  What are some of the common mistakes made?

way #1 : Unhealthy diet

Over time, certain foods can break through our digestive lining, creating holes in our gut, for lack of a better word,” explains Dr Nigma, who has a string of celebrity fans. “Our gut then becomes under attack, affecting the rest of the body – including our skin – leading to what I call ‘digest-ageing’.”

So, if you have a poor diet, that expensive anti-ageing cream or strict skincare regime may not be enough to keep the wrinkles and spots at bay.


way #2 :Excess intake of Sugar


Sugar is difficult to stay away from. There’s no denying that many of us love to add sugar to almost everything we eat and drink. While the sweet stuff may taste delicious, it can also cause a lot of problems for your body and that includes your skin. Some people look much older than their contemporaries while others look much younger than their actual age. A good part of this has to do with genetics, but what we put into our bodies can have a negative long-term effect on the way we look. Researchers have gathered data to pinpoint a process called glycation that may play a role in skin related wear and aging.

When artificial and processed sugar enters our bloodstream, it will sometimes attach to collagen and elastin proteins in the skin and starts to break them down. When this happens, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles begin to form.

Foods with a high glycemic index spike your blood sugar and activate hormones in the body that stimulate oil production in the skin. Our skin naturally produces oil called sebum to help keep the skin moisturized. However, if there is an excess amount of oil on the skin, your pores can become clogged and cause acne breakouts.


way #3 : Smoking and drinking of alcohol

Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking and the late hours that go with drinking especially add up quickly. The lines around the mouth and eyes of smokers are an obvious result of that habit.

If you enjoy the odd tipple a few times a week (and a little more on the weekends), you might want to cut down. Dr Loong notes: “Alcohol causes dehydration and also affects the liver, which helps the body rid itself of toxins. This can cause the skin to look grey and dry.”


way #4 : Too much time under the sun

“Exposure to the sun and heat may lead to excessive sweating that contributes to the development of heat rash,” says Okeke-Igbokwe. “An increase in sweating can lead to blockage of some sweat ducts and subsequently cause irritation of the skin and the formation of bothersome little red bumps.”

The sun can be energizing, but if you spend too much time outside, it can actually end up draining. This is because your body is fighting off the heat, becoming dehydrated, or going through chemical changes that can end up leaving you fatigued later


way #5 : Using chemical based skin care

Using chemical based skin care

Most people use over-the-counter heavily advertised products for skincare. The best skin care products are natural. The manufacturers of a good natural product will spend much more money on the product itself instead of advertising.

The common discount products usually contain chemicals that are irritating, unsafe, and often don’t work very well. The best skin care products are those containing only natural ingredients. They promote protection, toning, and healing of the skin. They won’t contain alcohol but natural oils and antioxidants.

The above mistakes can be changed and the changes will be visible. The advances in natural products have been striking and are ongoing in their research. I have done a great deal of research into the best skin care products. Please visit our website to see the surprising product results that we’ve discovered.

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